MIM 2018 program


8:00 Registration and Breakfast


8:30 Welcome Remarks


8:45 KEYNOTE I- Dr. Scott Mueller

“Dissecting the evolution of immune responses to infection”


9:45 Coffee Break


10:00 Dr. Judith Mandl

From cell migration to T cell responses: what could go wrong!”


10:45 Dr. Heather Melichar

“Self-reactive T cells: many shades of gray”


11:30 Lunch and poster session


13:15 - 14h35 Students talks 4 X (15 min + 5 min questions)

13:15 Jean-Philippe Auger

Characterization of the role of monocytes and neutrophils during Streptococcus suis systemic and central nervous system infections 

13:35 Marion Pardon

Characterization and quantification of translation-competent cellular reservoirs in treated and untreated HIV infection

13:55 Yue Lie

Dissecting mechanisms by which intestinal macrophages maintain disease tolerance during helminth infection

14:15 Dakota Rogers

Strength of TCR:self-peptide interactions establishes unique transcriptional states in naïve CD4 T cells that affect T cell function 


14:35 Dr. Réjean Lapointe

Lymphocytes lost in tumor space and beyond”

“Lymphocytes perdus dans l'espace tumoral et au-delà”


15:30 Coffee break


15:45 KEYNOTE II- Dr. Susan Schwab

“Exit strategies: S1P signaling and T cell migration”


16:45 Closing Remarks