Congratulations to our award winners!

Division Prize Award Winner
Analytical 1st place (oral) Jacob Bothen (Trent)
Analytical 2nd place (oral) Talia Ho (UofT - UTSC)
Analytical 3rd place (oral) Helen Chen (McMaster)
Biological & Medicinal 1st place (oral) Adam Greasley (Laurentian)
Biological & Medicinal 2nd place (oral) Jenna Daypuk (Laurentian)
Biological & Medicinal 3rd place (oral) Rodion Gordzevich (Trent)
Chemistry Education  1st place (oral) Tsuimy Shao (UofT - UTSC)
Chemistry Education  2nd place (oral) Sun Min Kristy Lee (UofT - UTM)
Chemistry Education  3rd place (oral) Kevin Roy (Ottawa)
Environmental  1st place (oral) Batual Abdul Hussain (UofT - UTSC)
Environmental  2nd place (oral) Zhizhen Zhang (UofT - UTSC)
Green Chemistry     1st place (oral) Madison Mooney (Trent)
Inorganic & Materials 1st place (oral) Tiffany Lai (Western)
Inorganic & Materials 2nd place (oral) Farroq Raouf (Guelph)
Inorganic & Materials 3rd place (oral) - tied Benjamin Katzman (Western)
Inorganic & Materials 3rd place (oral) - tied Alina Trofimova (UofT - UTSG)
Organic 1st place (oral) Michael Czuczola (Western)
Organic 2nd place (oral) Ifrodet Giorgees (UOIT)
Organic 3rd place (oral) Jacob Rothera (Windsor)
Physical, Computational & Theoretical 1st place (oral) Salena Hoesterey (Western)
Physical, Computational & Theoretical 2nd place (oral) Tzu-Ching Yen (UofT - UTSG)
Physical, Computational & Theoretical 3rd place (oral) Reynolds Dziobek-Garrett (UofT - UTSG)
Poster Presentation 1st place Zainab Mirza (UofT - UTSC)
Poster Presentation 2nd place Andrew Folkerson (UofT - UTSG)
Poster Presentation 3rd place Xinyang Guo (UofT - UTSG)


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The Award Winners