Conference program


A PDF file containing the complete conference program can now be downloaded below (June 5, 2019):






Updated version of the detailed program (June 9, 2019):






Poster instructions

For each poster, the number assigned to the poster must be placed in the upper left hand corner of the display. Authors should also prepare a heading label, to include the title of the poster, the authors and their addresses. The text height should be at least 40 mm high. The heading should be placed at the top center of the poster.

Please prepare your poster to fit on 3 (W) X 4 (H) ft space. Poster boards are double sided 8 ft (W) X 4 ft (H), 2 posters presenters will be sharing each side, please ensure that your poster is within the specified measurements to be considerate to the other poster presenter. Velcro or push pins will be provided.

Please refer to the CSM-SCM link for further details: