Committed to respect the environment, the organizers of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) 2019 Conference in Montreal aim at classifying the event as a level 1 eco-responsible event, as prescribed by the responsible event management standards of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec, BNQ 9700-253. This certification demonstrates that the Conference meets the rigorous requirements of an eco-responsible event in Québec.


To achieve the level 1 standard, environmental measures have been implemented in regard to: the selection of suppliers; management of materials, energy and water; waste management; food selection; and transportation selection.


INSNA 2019 gratefully acknowledges the Réseau des femmes en environnement for its valuable support in the eco-responsible planning of the Conference.







  • Choice of a Conference venue easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Adoption of awareness-raising measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated by travels.





  • Accommodation proposals, for out-of-town participants, less than 15 min walk from the Conference venue.
  • Some of the selected establishments participate in the Quebec Green Key program of the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC). (Click here for more information about the program).



Communication and materials provided to participants


  • Online registrations and communication.
  • Double-sided and recycled paper for printing of key documents.
  • Detailed Conference programme only available online and print of a smaller sized programme.
  • Adoption of awareness-raising measures aimed at reducing printed material.
  • Post-event online evaluations.





  • Filling station for reusable water bottles.
  • Local and bulk products favored.
  • Composting stations for food waste.
  • Donation of leftover food to a local food bank.





  • Recycling stations (paper, glass and plastic).





  • Priority will be given to local, non-profit suppliers, with sustainable development policy and offering training program, pay equity or equality in employment for their employees.





Here are suggestions of what you can do to help reduce the environmental footprint of the event. We thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!




(See detailed information on the page Transportation & Accommodation)


  • From the airport use the shuttle service (747 bus line).
  • Use public transportation, bicycle or walk to get to the Conference venue.
  • Use BIXI (bike-sharing service) or rent a bike for the duration of your stay in Montréal.




(See detailed information on the page Transportation & Accommodation)


  • Choose a hotel located close to the Conference venue.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave your room.





  • Eat at local restaurants.
  • Choose vegetarian meals.
  • Ask for reusable dishes instead of disposable containers and utensils.
  • Ask to use the same sheets and towels for a few days to save water and energy.
  • Choose products with little packaging.



At the conference venue


  • Use the recycling bins.
  • Put organic matter in the composting bins.
  • Bring and use a reusable mug for your coffee.
  • Turn off the lights when you are the last to leave a conference room.



*Many people are sensitive to perfumes, colognes, aftershaves and other scented products. Please refrain from wearing them at any time during the Conference. Thank you.