Cultural Outing: 

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Image Credit: Ottawa Tourism


We are excited to present a special cultural experience for BioMetals 2018 participants on July 16th. Nestled near the heart of downtown Ottawa is Victoria Island, a historical and sacred place for Aboriginal peoples within the traditional territory of the Algonquin nation.


We'll be hosted by Aboriginal Experiences (, whose members consist of First Nations from across Turtle Island or North America as it is known today. There are a total of 614 First Nation communities across Canada. The Nations, who were originally local to this region, are the Algonquin’s and Iroquois, which you will learn a little more about during your visit. As each of the team members from Aboriginal Experiences comes from different Nations, you'll have the chance to ask them more about their own backgrounds. They are excited to share their way of life from past and present with individuals interested in learning more about Canada’s First Nation Peoples culture and beliefs.


You'll have the opportunity to learn about Victoria Island's rich history, take a our tour of the native village on Victoria Island, experience an interactive Pow Wow dance performance and enjoy traditional food from Aboriginal People across Canada.


Arrival and Welcome 6:00-6:15

Guided Tour of the Native Village

Interactive Dance Presentation 6:45-7:30
Buffet Dinner 7:30-8:30


Dinner Menu: Bannock bread, three sister soup, tossed salad with maple poppyseed or raspberry vinaigrettes, pasta salad, bean salad and wild rice salads, grilled corn niblets (on the cob in season), smoked venison stirfry, grilled salmon with pasta and Rosé Cream Sauce, seasonal soup or salad - Pound cake with blueberry sauce, beverages include coffee, tea, water and strawberry juice.


Notes about Victoria Island:

  • On site you will also enjoy wildlife, such as beavers, geese, ducks and groundhogs 
  • You are allowed to take pictures of anything on site - displays, dance performances and the wonderful scenery.
  • It is an outdoor site (with various seasonal coverage - tent), so dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Please note that there is NO SMOKING within our site.
  • All of the souvenirs in our gift shop are from Aboriginal artists and businesses.


Aboriginal Experiences' tips on cultural respect:

  • Our attraction is called “Aboriginal” Experiences as this is the prevailing correct term for Canada’s indigenous peoples. Aboriginal means First Nations, Metis and Inuit who are the original cultures of Canada. Often, we would utilize our traditional language to explain which nation we belong to, such as Anishnaabe (for the Woodland/Algonquin nations) and only derogatory terms (such as savage or squaw) are inappropriate to use.
  • Dancer’s outfits are called “regalia” and not a costume (although they do wear theatrical costumes during our storytelling theatre). Please do not touch any of the performer’s regalia, without their permission as many of the items are sacred.
  • Due to the sacredness of the Island and the beliefs of First Nations people, we ask that all our guests refrain from Drugs and Alcohol on the site.
  • Please feel free to ask any questions. No questions are silly questions as we as a people take pride in sharing our culture with those who ask in a good way. Our guides will answer to the best of their ability, also we ask that you remember we all come from various nations with different teachings so can not be experts on all Aboriginal cultures - just our own teachings passed on from our elders and teachers.


Conference Banquet

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The conference banquet will be held at The Boathouse at the Ottawa Rowing Club ( The Boathouse is a heritage building (established in 1867) and is a lovely, private venue offering a fantastic view along the Ottawa River a short walk from the Byward Market in downtown Ottawa. The Ottawa Rowing Club is Canada’s oldest rowing club, founded in 1867, the year Canada was created. The Ottawa Rowing Club's first patron was Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister. In fact, the Ottawa Rowing Club is located adjacent to Macdonald’s Earnscliffe residence (now the residence of the Britain’s High Commissioner to Canada). 

More details regarding the banquet dinner will be forthcoming! 


Important note: There is another restaurant in Ottawa named "The Boathouse Restaurant" that is located nearby. When making travel arrangements, don't forget to ensure you're going to the Ottawa Rowing Club so that you don't end up at the wrong address!