We're happy to announce the twelfth 3Dsig meeting that will be held in Prague, Czech Republic July 22-23. Two very full days with a balance of invited talks, short oral presentations, poster sessions, and critical, topic-focused discussions. A truly unique event bringing together in one place the structural computational biology community. New in 2017, 3DSIG that was a satellite meeting is now part of the main ISMB meeting. The first two days of the ISMB conference are reserved for 3DSIG but there will also be other parallel COSIs (communities of Special Interests, formerly SIGs or Satellite meetings) running. Participants will be able to benefit from these to get exposed and participate in scientific activities that may complementary to those covered at 3DSIG in these first two days of the conference or in the subsequent two. We look forward to seeing you in Prague and in 3DSIG.


To register

Registrations for 3Dsig are through the ISMB website.


To submit your abstract:

- Create and/or login to your Fourwaves account (top-right of page)

- Go to the submission tab and submit your abstracts!


Relevant topics include:

  • Structure-based drug discovery including polypharmacology and network pharmacology.
  • Structure representation, classification and prediction.
  • Structure-based function prediction.
  • Docking, analysis, prediction and simulation of biomolecular interactions such as protein-protein, protein-ligand and protein-nucleic-acid.
  • Protein dynamics and disorder.
  • Evolution studied through structures.
  • Application of structure to systems biology.
  • Macromolecular assemblies.
  • Structural genomics.
  • 3D databases and data mining.
  • Molecular visualization.
  • Relevant methods of structure determination, particularly hybrid methods.
  • Prediction and analysis of protein domains.
  • Membrane protein structure analysis and prediction.
  • The structural basis of immunology.


Previous Speakers

Over the years, 3Dsig has brought the leaders of the field of Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics in an ideal environment for personal contacts and discussions.


After dinner (main keynote) have included:


Nobel Laureates Michael Levitt, Ada Yonath, as well as Tom Blundell, Philip E. Bourne, Stephen Friend, John Moult, Klaus Mueller, David E. Shaw, Joel Sussman, and Janet Thornton.


3Dsig keynotes have included:

Ruben Abagyan, Russ Altman, Patricia Babbitt, Ivet Bahar, Nir Ben-Tal, James U. Bowie, Steven Brenner, Steve Bryant, Janusz Bujnicki, Stephen Burley, Amadeo Caflisch, Heather Carlson, Guido Capitani, Wah Chiu, Cyrus Chothia, Charlotte Deane, William Degrado, Bruce Donald, Roland Dunbrack, Keith Dunker, Aled Edwards, Arne Elofsson, Lucy Forrest, Dmitrij Frishman, Adam Godzik, David Goodsell, Nick Grishin, Gunnar von Heijne, Des Higgins, Barry Honig, David Jones, Lynn Kamerlin, Amy E. Keating, Kevin Karplus, Tanja Kortemme, Thomas Lengauer, Koby Levy, Olivier Lichtarge, Andrei Lupas, François Major, George I. Makhatadze, Debora Marks, Rafael Najmanovich, Masha Niv, Ruth Nussinov, Arthur Olson, Christine Orengo, Robert Preissner, Burkhard Rost, Rob Russell, Andrej Sali, Chris Sander, Jeffrey Saven, Tamar Schlick, Torsten Schwede, Luis Serrano, Michael Schroeder, Kim A. Sharp, Brian Shoichet, Manfred Sippl, Jeffrey Skolnick, Michael Sternberg, Raymond Stevens, Sarah Teichmann, Devarajan Thirumalai, Janet Thornton, Anna Tramontano, Ron Unger, Alfonso Valencia, Sandor Vajda, Rebecca Wade, Harel Weinstein and Shoshana Wodak and Haim Wolfson.


Continuing the tradition

3Dsig 2017 is continuing the tradition established through the successful 3Dsig 2016 (proceeding) in Orlando, Florida; 3DSIG 2015 (proceeding)  in Dublin, Ireland; 3DSIG 2014 (proceeding) in Boston, USA; 3DSIG 2013 (proceeding) in Berlin, Germany; 3DSIG 2012 (proceeding) in Long Beach California, USA; 3DSIG 2011 (proceeding) in Vienna, Austria; 3DSIG 2010 (proceeding) in Boston, USA; 3DSIG 2009 (proceeding) in Stockholm, Sweden; 3DSIG 2008 (proceeding) in Toronto, Canada; 3DSIG 2007 (proceeding) in Vienna, Austria; 3DSIG 2006 (proceeding) in Fortaleza, Brasil; and 3DSIG 2004 (proceeding) in Glasgow, United Kingdom. To better appreciate the wealth of leading topics and presenters, please explore the programs and proceedings from past meetings. The program will be built around talks from accepted abstracts and invited speakers. The scientific committee is looking for fresh, effective voices with new, high impact ideas.


Scientific and organising committee

Phillip E. Bourne (NIH)

Rafael Najmanovich (University of Montreal)

July 22-23 2017

Prague Convention Centre
65 5. května
Czech Republic, 140 00

January 2, 2017 09:00 CET to May 2, 2017 06:00 CEST
January 2, 2017 09:00 CET to June 1, 2017 06:00 CEST
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