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Membership Structure

The INRC has recently adopted a formal membership structure in tiers as follows:


  • $150 for full members
  • $100 for postdoctoral researcher members 
  • $50 for student members


Membership dues can be paid from the Membership Page and are required annually. Membership will confer voting rights for INRC officers, executive committee representatives, amendments to the By-laws and any business brought to the attention of the INRC by a member.

Failure to pay the annual membership dues before the beginning of the annual conference of the year shall result in forfeiting membership, i.e., loss of voting rights. Payment of the next year’s annual dues is sufficient for reinstatement of membership.

Member benefits: For the INRC annual conference, registration costs will be discounted for all active members. INRC and International Drug Abuse Research Society (IDARS) will be collaborating in partnership with Frontiers to launch a new journal: Advances in Drug and Alcohol Research (ADAR) in January 2021. Active members will get a discount on publication cost when publishing in ADAR.


Please note: By paying these Membership Dues you are paying membership only.  Registration for meeting attendance is not included, but meeting registration fee will be discounted for members.



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