The Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators (QNJPI) is proud to announce the 5th PAINtalks edition, which November 13th, at 17h00 pm (EDT) via  webcast, live from the Granada Theater Sherbrooke QC, Canada. Registration is mandatory, we expect to see many of you!


This bilingual, free and open to all initiative is inspired by TED-style presentations and aims to provide the audience with presentations focused on the field of pain. Speakers are asked to discuss controversies and advancements in the field of pain. A live translation service will be offered remotely to all participants.



In order to respect public health recommendation, please note that the event will take place via webcast only. 

In order to have access to the PAINtalks, you will need to complete a short questionnaire in the Registration section (here: It is therefore preferable to register in advance. Furthermore, in order to adjust our platforms if necessary, we need to have an approximation of the number of participants (some platforms have a limit of participants). Please register as soon as possible.


In person - Please note that the participation in person is not possible this year.





Cérémonie d’ouverture – Opening ceremony

Chulmin Cho (EN)

   Analgésie placebo: le chemin vers le soulagement de la douleur

   Placebo Analgesia: The Path to Pain Relief Lies Within



Gabrielle Pagé (FR)

   Lutter contre un ennemi invisible : lorsque douleur, stress et pandémie se rencontrent

   Fighting an Invisible Enemy: When Pain, Stress and Pandemic Meet


Marie-Philippe Harvey (FR)

   Le cortex moteur pour réduire la douleur… j’ai un moteur moi ?

   The Motor Cortex to Reduce Pain ... Do I Have a Motor Myself?


Benjamin Provencher (FR)

   « Craquez » avant de craquer – choix éclairé ou chose à éviter ?

   Back Cracking: Informed Choice or Something to Avoid?


Sylvie Lafrenaye (FR)

   L’adolescence : moment charnière pour éviter la douleur chronique ?

   Adolescence: a Critical Time to Avoid Chronic Pain?



Marina Evangelista (EN)

   Grincheux ou douloureux ? Lire les expressions faciales chez les chats

   Grumpy or Painful? Reading Facial Expressions in Cats


Jasmine Beck (FR)

   Au-delà du diagnostic

   Beyond Diagnosis




Entracte – Break




Haoyi Qiu (EN)

   Imaginez si nous pouvions « éteindre » la douleur neuropathique

   Imagine if We Could “Switch Off” Neuropathic Pain



Marc-Antoine Lafrenaye-Dugas (FR)

   La physiatrie en douleur chronique, quel sont ses rôles ?

   Physiatry in Chronic Pain, What Are the Roles?



Maria Pavlova (EN)

   Comment changer un souvenir de douleur ?

   How to Change a Pain Memory?



Andréa Dépelteau (FR)

   S’adapter à la fibromyalgie, un défi de taille

   Adapting to Fibromyalgia, a Major Challenge



Marie Vigouroux (EN)

   Échanges dans les groupes de soutien par les pairs  

   Peering into Peer Support Groups


Serge Marchand (FR)

   La douleur est-elle sexiste ?

   Is Pain Sexist?







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AQDC : Association québécoise de douleur chronique

ASID : Association de soutien et d'information face à la douleur

QNJPI : Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators

QPRN : Quebec Pain Research Network

CPS : Canadian Pain Society

NAPS :North American Pain School

November 13 2020

September 29, 2020 00:00 EDT to November 13, 2020 21:00 EST
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