The symposium is being held in honour of the 100th anniversary of the death on November 7, 1914 of George Ralph Mines, who was the Professor of Physiology at McGill. Mines died at the age of 28, only a few months after taking up his appointment in Montreal. It is a mark of the esteem in which Mines was held that he was appointed Professor at such a young age. Despite his relative youth, Mines had already made several seminal contributions to the field of cardiac arrhythmias. These include the discovery of the vulnerable period of the heart (the part of the cardiac cycle where a well-timed electrical shock can throw the ventricles into fibrillation) and the discovery of the re-entrant mechanism underlying many malignant cardiac arrhythmias such as ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation.

We are planning a symposium on cardiac electrophysiology and cardiac arrhythmias. The symposium will bring together clinicians, experimentalists, and theoreticians. We expect that the attendees at the meeting will include cardiologists, clinical trainees, medical students, biomedical scientists, and graduate students.

We thank all speakers for agreeing to participate and join us in honouring George Ralph Mines.

Organizing Committee: Leon Glass, Michael Guevara, Stan Nattel, John Orlowski, Alvin Shrier

November 6-7 2014

McGill Faculty Club
3450 Rue McTavish
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H3A 0E5

October 5, 2014 14:30 EDT to November 4, 2014 13:30 EST
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