2020 INCAM Research Symposium: Integrative Health at the Crossroads: Learning from the Past, Co-Creating the Future.


Venue: *Virtual* hosted by the Centre for Integrative Medicine and the Department of Community Health & Epidemiology of the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

Dates: November 12-13th; 16-17th 2020


The INCAM Symposium Commitment

The Board of Directors of INCAM wants to communicate assurances that, despite continuing concerns with COVID-19, we are committed to hosting the 2020 INCAM Symposium. We have made a decision to change the binanual INCAM Research Network Symposium to a virtual event and are excited to offer the same high quality and professional content, discussion and networking that INCAM is known for.


At this time, and with the generous support of donors and the organization itself, INCAM is pleased to offer the 2020 virtual Symposium free of charge to INCAM/ISCMR members.


Now more than ever, the INCAM Symposium is an important way to connect and collaborate.



About INCAM:

INCAM is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research community in Canada generating knowledge through research about traditional, complementary, alternative, and integrative forms of medicine (TCAIM), whole person healing and whole systems healthcare to enhance the health of Canadians. This may include development and dissemination of new knowledge regarding therapeutic and lifestyle or mindbody approaches to health as well as medical systems and biological, manipulative and body-based methods and therapies.


Selected examples of novel  study topics may include meditation and mindfulness, yoga, music, and recreation therapy approaches to wellness,  as well as traditional medicine, midwifery, and massage, chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic and acupuncture therapeutic approaches.


Since its launch in 2004, INCAM has been instrumental in defining a TCAIM research community in Canada.


Today, INCAM is the place to go for researchers, educators and practitioners who are interested in research which aims to address challenging questions in innovative ways in this emerging area of practice and research.



INCAM's Values:

  • Research-informed CAM practices are critical for integration into the health care system
  • The CAM body of knowledge needs to be informed by a range of perspectives, expertise and insights
  • CAM research involves the application of accepted and appropriate research methods and also requires methodological development
  • Research, in and of itself, has an intrinsic value



Over the last 16 years, the Symposium has become established as the premier research meeting in Canada on complementary and integrative health care. It brings together a diverse group of individuals from across disciplines, capturing a range of research expertise and research interests. It has been described as an idea lab as it creates an environment that enables a high level of interaction and quality discussion to address challenging questions and innovative ways to explore these questions.



  • To showcase high quality research on complementary and integrative medicine & health care
  • To discuss and debate the on-going development of this emerging field of research
  • To bring together people and support their ability to network, create new research collaborations, and gain access to the researchers in this field.
  • To advance thinking and discourse in the range of traditional, complementary and integrative medicine practices, professions and people.

November 12-17 2020

Centre for Integrative Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
107 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada, S7N 5E5

May 15, 2020 01:00 EDT to November 13, 2020 00:00 EST
May 15, 2020 01:00 EDT to July 20, 2020 23:45 EDT
May 15, 2020 01:00 EDT to July 20, 2020 23:45 EDT
May 15, 2020 01:00 EDT to July 20, 2020 23:45 EDT
No Preference (Oral or Poster)
May 15, 2020 01:00 EDT to July 20, 2020 23:45 EDT
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