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Please note that your selection reflects only your personal preference. The final decision concerning the attribution of oral and poster presentations will be communicated to you by the Scientific Committee.

Instructions for Abstract Submission

Consider that the audience is very heterogeneous and comprises material scientists, engineers and biologists. Efforts to make your abstract understandable for all participants are appreciated.

Text between 700 and 900 words including main text, figure legends and references.

Paragraphs should be separated by an empty line.


-Figure numbers in the main text should appear as (figure X) and be numbered in the order they appear in the abstract.
-Each figure should be uploaded separately in JPEG, PNG or BMP format. The size of each figure should not exceed 30 MB.
-Figure Legends should be placed after the main text in the order they appear in the abstract.


-References in the main text should be appear as [X] and be numbered in the order they appear in the abstract.
-References should be placed after the Figure Legends in the order they appear in the abstract. They should be written in the following format: N. Author, S. Someone, and A. Person, J. Am. Chem. Soc., (2010) 123, 2345-2355.


Acknowledgments should be placed after the references.

Upload up to 2 figures in JPEG, PNG or GIF. Maximum 30Mb per Figure.

The Gérard T. Simon Award is presented for the best presentation given by a student or technologist. The presentation may be oral or poster format. The award is based on the scientific quality and the quality of the presentation (oral communication or poster).
Candidates must be graduate students enrolled at a Canadian university or associated with a research director who is a regular member of the Microscopical Society of Canada. Candidates may also be technologists who have been employed for no longer than five years at a Canadian institution.
The candidate must be the main or sole author of the abstract.

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