1. Remind the History of Limb Lengthening;
  2. Identify the deformity basics of angular assessment;
  3. Execute a complete pre-op analysis to correct the deformity;
  4. Identify the principals of blocking screw in acute correction; 
  5. Define the limitations of an angular assessment correction;
  6. Manage the surgical approaches on cadaver;
  7. Practice common osteotomies on lower extremities on cadaver; 
  8. Practice common nerves releases on lower extremities on cadaver;
  9. Practice common nerve releases and tendon transfers on lower extremities on cadaver.

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Friday March 13th, 2020
13h00 Lunch and Welcome
13h45 Deformity planning basics:
  • Angular assessment
  • CORA, ‘’osteotomy rules”
Dr Mitchell Bernstein
Head, Pediatric Orthopaedic Trauma,
Montreal Children’s Hospital
14h15 Blocking screw principals in acute correction Dr Mitchell Bernstein
Head, Pediatric Orthopaedic Trauma,
Montreal Children’s Hospital
15h45 Case Discussions
15h30 Break

Practical saw bones lab

  • Distal femur valgus (DFV) correction
  • Proximal tibia varus (PTV) correction
17h00 End
Saturday March 14th, 2020
7h30 Breakfast and feedback from previous day

Cadaver practical session I

  • Osteotomies: distal femur and proximal tibia
10h00 Break
10h30 Cadaver practical session II
  • Nerve releases: common peroneal and tarsal tunnel
  • Tendon transfers: tibialis anterior transfer to 3rd cuneiform, tibialis posterior to tibialis anterior for foot drop
12h00   Lunch
13h 10 Cadaver practical session III
  • Strayer procedure
  • Plantar fascia release
  • PL to PB transfer
14h30 Break
14h45 Cadaver practical session IV
  • Foot and ankle osteotomies (supramalleolar osteotomy, lateral calcaneal column lengthening,
midfoot osteotomy, calcaneal slide)

Reflexive tool following an activity

Participants and speakers will take advantage of this moment to assess the knowledge acquired during the course for each participant and establish a concrete action plan for their future practice.

17H15 End