GMA | Prechtl's Method of the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements



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This four-days-course is for participants who are already engaged in applying the Prechtl General Movement Assessment. Participation is possible only for individuals who successfully passed a Basic Training Course held under the auspices of the GM-Trust.


This assessment method has shown its merit for the prenatal and postnatal evaluation of the integrity of the nervous system. Compelling evidence is available that the assessment of General Movements (GMs) at a very early age is the best predictor for cerebral palsy. This method has become a potent supplement to the traditional kind of neurological examination.


The Advanced Course will provide an additional intensive training in correct judgement. This training will deal with the details of the assessment, the proper terminology and technique as well as with the application of individual developmental trajectories.


This course meets the standards specified by the GM Trust.


REQUEST FROM THE INSTRUCTOR“As part of your participation at the Prechtl General Movement Assessment, Advanced Level, you are kindly requested to bring your own video recordings of GMs in order to review them with your peer trainees. Serial recordings of one or more infants, i.e. short developmental trajectories, are preferred to single videos, but not mandatory. It is also helpful to have the gestational age of the infant at birth, any significant history, the postmenstrual / postterm age at the video time points, and the outcome, if available. The videos should be on flash drives/external hard drive storage as the tutors will not store them on their computers.”





May 20


May 21


May 22


May 23

9am - 5pm 9am - 12pm


Training provided by:

Dr Christa Einspieler

Professeur en physiologie

Medical University of Graz and Secretary to the GM Trust