GMA | Prechtl's Method of the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements



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The aim of this four-day course is to provide an introduction on the Prechtl General Movement Assessment of young infants.


This assessment method has shown its merit for the prenatal and postnatal evaluation of the integrity of the central nervous system. Compelling evidence shows that the assessment of General Movements (GMs) at a very early age is the best predictor of cerebral palsy. This method has become a valuable addition to the traditional neurological examination.


Main topics of lectures, demonstrations and exercises will be:

  • the origin of spontaneous motor activity;

  • normal and abnormal GMs from birth to 20 weeks post term;

  • practical instructions for recording and assessing GMs;

  • GMs and follow-up: individual developmental trajectories and their predictive power for later neurological impairments.


This course meets the standards specified by the GM Trust.




May 20


May 21


May 22


May 23

9am - 5pm 9am - 12pm


Training provided by:

Colleen Payton, PT, DPT, PCS

Northwestern University, Chicago