Presentation Guidelines 

The success of the CWSS-SCM 2020 online conference will largely depend on your active participation. You just need to follow the following  easy steps and you'll be all set! We're looking forward to interacting with you!!


Creating your PowerPoint presentation

The 2020 CWSS-SCM annual meeting will be held virtually. As a result we are asking that your presentation is submitted as a pre-recording. Please view one or more of the videos for specific instructions on how to prepare your presentation for the meeting at


Uploading your finished presentation

*Important* Once your presentation is recorded you will need to submit the presentation video files using a cloud or file transfer service such as Google DriveDropboxOneDrive, or WeTransfer. Please use the following email address to communicate the transfer
In the title of the file please include your name and the section (e.g. Weed Biology and Ecology) where your talk is to be given.