Plenary Session Presentations:


Plenary session presentations will be 20 minutes long, including questions. The chair of each session will provide a 10 minute introduction to the session's topic. We therefore suggest you give only a very brief introduction to your presentation. As there will be trainees and non-specialists in the audience, we request that the presentation be accessible to all. As such, we suggest that the presentation slides should not have too much data, and that the presentation itself should be given in a clear manner and at reasonable pace. Keep it Simple....Less is More.  Please be mindful about the length of your presentation to allow for questions. All presentations can be loaded onto a laptop, although you are free to use your laptop for the presentation.



Poster Presentations:

Posters should be a maximum of 90 centimeters wide by 180 cm high.

The poster session will be 1.5 hours long.