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General presentation on the theme of cerebral palsy and secondary musculoskeletal damage
Dre Marie Laberge


Treatment of spasticity

Local control by neuromuscular injection | Dre Muriel Haziza

Selective posterior radicellotomy surgical approach, Baclofen pump) | Dr Jean-Pierre Farmer


Hips and cerebral palsy

Preventive intervention | Dre Camille Costa

Surgical approach | Dr Thierry Benaroch

Preparing for Orthopedic Surgery | Rita Yap



Deformation of the lower limbs and cerebral palsy

Preventive intervention | Dre Camille Costa

Surgical approach | Dre Marie-Andrée Cantin


Deformation of the spine and cerebral palsy 

Preventive intervention | Dre Marie Laberge et Suzan Herscovitch

Surgical approach | Dr Félix Brassard


Deformation of the upper limbs and cerebral palsy

Preventive intervention | Nathalie Bilodeau

Surgical approach | Dre Mathilde Hupin



Focus on the TSAL | Vanessa Tessier et Maude Massicotte

What is the notion of ''patient partner''? How to contribute? | Marie-France Langlet

Research Project | Jérôme Gauvin Lepage