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Abstract Instructions:

  1. You must register for the conference before submitting an abstract.
  2. Abstracts and extended abstracts can only be submitted online using the online abstract submission form.
  3. Your abstract will not be saved if you are not registered and paid.
  4. The abstract must be 3,000 characters or less. Symbols and mathematical formulas are allowed.
  5. The abstract submission deadline for the Student Competitions and Postdoctoral Symposium is March 20th, 2020, 23:45 EST.
  6. You must be a CSM Student or post-doctoral (PD) member to participate in the Student Competitions (Oral or Poster) and the PD Symposium, respectively.
  7. The deadline for the General & Invited Speakers’ abstracts is March 27, 2020 till 23:45 EST.
  8. All General Abstracts will be considered for Oral Presentations. Those not chosen for Oral Presentation will automatically be considered for a Poster Presentation.
  9. All submitted abstracts can be accessed and edited by the author until the deadline date.
  10. Presentation type, date, and time will be communicated by email once all the abstracts have been reviewed.

General Abstracts:

All abstracts will be considered for an oral presentation during the conference.  Those not chosen for an oral presentation will be automatically be considered for a poster presentation. All registrants can indicate when submitting their abstract if they want or do not want their abstract to be considered for an oral presentation.


Student Competitions: (Oral & Poster)

Only CSM Student members can participate in the student competition.  An extended abstract has to be submitted.


The extended abstract:

The extended abstract must be submitted before March 20th, 2020 with the abstract submitted for the Student Competition through the online abstract submission form.  Extended abstracts must have its own abstract title consisting of no more than 50 words .  Do not use section headings in the  abstract body.  Include a brief introduction, methods, results and discussion in a single paragraph.  The text should not exceed 1,000 words (excluding references and figure legends).  A maximum of 4 figures and/or tables is allowed.  Materials and methods should be described in the text, not in figure legends or table footnotes.  The Literature Cited section should conform to the format used by the Canadian Journal of Microbiology. The extended abstract must be uploaded below as a single PDF file through the online abstract submission form. Maximum size of the PDF file that can be uploaded is 30 MB. 


Please refer to the CSM website for the complete set of instructions for the Symposium Competition and Poster Competition.


Post Doctoral Symposium:

Only CSM post-doctoral members’ abstracts will be considered for this symposium. Two abstracts from each CSM section will be selected by the Chair and Vice-Chair.  Please refer to the CSM website for more information about the Post Doctoral Symposium.


Poster instructions

For each poster, the number assigned to the poster must be placed in the upper left hand corner of the display. Authors should also prepare a heading label, to include the title of the poster, the authors and their addresses. The text height should be at least 40 mm high. The heading should be placed at the top center of the poster.

Please prepare your poster to fit on 3 (W) X 3 (H) ft space. Poster boards are double sided 3 ft (W) X 3 ft (H). Velcro or push pins will be provided. Please refer to the Poster Presentation page hosted on the CSM-SCM website for further details.


Social Events


Openining Reception

Monday, June 22, 2020 - 


Student Mixer

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Organized by Hanan Shehata, CSM 2020 LOC Student Volunteers Manager


ASM Student Network Event


Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Organized by: Thomas Finn, University of Calgary & ASM Young Ambassador


The ASM Student Network event will be held within the CSM Student Mixer.  The ASM Student Network Event is a speed dating style, informal networking event which aims to bring students and post docs closer to established-career scientists. This is a great opportunity to get some valuable face time with leaders in various microbiology-related fields from Canada and the US over some drinks and food. This event is sponsored in part by the American Society for Microbiology. Tickets to the CSM Student Mixer have to be purchased to be able to access and participate in the ASM Student Networking Event.


CSM President Banquet