MIM 2019 program


8:00 Registration and Breakfast


8:30 Welcome Remarks


8:45 KEYNOTE I- Dr. Facundo Batista


9:45 Coffee Break


10:00 Dr. Bruce Mazer: Semaphorin 4C: A key player in the generation of Regulatory B-cells


10:45 Dr. Alain Lamarre: Impairment of humoral immune responses during persistent viral infection.


11:30 Lunch and poster session


13:00 - 14h20 Student/Postdoc talks 4 X (15 min + 5 min questions)

13:00 Dakota Rogers: Naive CD4 T cell Heterogeneity Arising From Interactions with Self-Ligands Impacts TCR Signaling and TFH Differentiation Following Activation. 

13:20 Dominic Roy: Methionine Metabolism Shapes T Helper Cell Responses Through Regulation of Epigentic Reprogramming

13:40 Claire Viallard: Creating an Immunostimulating Tumor Microenvironment by the Normalization of the Tumor Vasculature. 

14:00 Ryan Pardy: A Brazilian Zika Virus Isolate Disrupts the Immunoproteasome to Subvert Antigen Specific CD8 T Cell Responses. 


14:30 Dr. Bebhinn Treanor: Glycan-galectin interactions in the regulation of B cells.


15:15 Coffee break


15:30 KEYNOTE II- Dr. Frances Lund: Inflammatory cytokine mediated control of effector memory B cell development and function.


16:30 Closing Remarks and Awards