JUNE 4-5-6 & 8-9 2019 | Course only available in English

Pediatric foot & ankle deformity management with serial casting : why and how?

Teacher : Beverly Cusick


Who Should Attend? This course is designed for the practitioner who has experience in working with children or adults with CNS neuromotor dysfunction, including physical therapists, orthotists, pediatric orthopedists, and physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians.




A 5-Day Program in 2 Parts


Join us for this practice-changing course in which common developmental foot deformities are identified and described in terms of plane-based anatomical components.


Musculoskeletal assessment procedures are reviewed as the findings lead the clinician to a systematic clinical decision-making process regarding orthotic design in terms of desired load-bearing foot and limb joint alignment, magnitude of segment enclosure, degrees of freedom provided or restrained, and posting options. Soft-tissue extensibility findings are also used in the documentation of the effects of assorted orthotic intervention strategies.



Course Description (part 1 & 2), course Description, Objectives and Schedule



Part 2 : Hands-On Labs

Labs feature closely-supervised trials of several ankle and foot assessment procedures, with findings applied to orthotic posting and design. Materials will be provided for 1.5 days of training in fabrication of two types of below-knee casts, and for undertaking posting trials to preview effects of proposed orthotic modifications.