The 20th Great Lakes  GPCR Retreat &

Club des Récepteurs à Sept Domaines Transmembranaires


  Château Bromont

Quebec, Canada

September 26-28th, 2019


                                             THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 26th                                           

        11:30           Arrival and registration


        13:30           Welcoming Remarks (Louis Gendron)


                            Trainee Research showcase (10 min talks of graduate and postdoctoral students)


          13:45             Shane WrightKarolinska Institutet

             “A conserved molecular switch in Class F receptors regulates receptor activation and pathway selection”


        14:00             Jace Jones-TabahMcGill University

               “Development of FRET Photometry to Track Dopamine Receptor-Dependent Protein Kinase Signalling in         

               Parkinson’s Disease and L-DOPA Induced Dyskinesia”


        14:15           Kévin Leguay, Université de Montréal

               “ERM proteins act downstream of the GPCR TBXA2R to regulate cell motility in breast cancer cells”


        14:30           Khaled Abd-Elrahman, University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Institute

                “mGluR5 regulates Amyloid β-mediated signaling and pathology in a sex-specific manner”


        14:45           Duncan MackieUniversity of North Carolina

               “RAMP3 determines rapid recycling of atypical chemokine receptor-3 for guided angiogenesis”


        15:00           Jade DegrandmaisonUniversité de Sherbrooke

               “Regulation of δ-opioid receptor trafficking by protein arginine N-methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5)”


        15:15           Abigail WalkerImperial College London

              “Reprogramming prostaglandin EP2 signalling in the pregnant human myometrium from an anti- to a pro-labour     

               receptor via crosstalk with the oxytocin receptor”


        15:30           Hannah StovekenScripps Research Florida Campus

               “The Orphan Receptor GPR139 is a Novel Negative Modulator of Mu Opioid Receptor Signaling”


        15:45           Coffee Break


        16:15           Welcoming Remarks (Richard Leduc and Stephen Ferguson, co-chairs)


        16:30           SPECIAL 20thANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE

                               Chair: Stéphane Laporte


                             Robert J. Lefkowitz, Duke University, USA,                             

                     Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2012 for studies of GPCRs

                    “From Binding to Biophysics: My 50 Years (and Counting) of GPCR Research”


        17:30           Welcome reception and Poster Session I (odd numbered posters)


        19:30           DinnerGrands Salons ABC


                                             FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27th                                                   

         6:30                Breakfast- Les Quatre Canards 


        8:30             HYMAN NIZNIK PLENARY CONFERENCE

                                    Chair: Louis Gendron


                            Raymond C. Stevens, University of Southern California, USA

                            GPCRs and Beta Cells 


          9:30             Coffee Break


                         SESSION 1: STRUCTURAL AND DYNAMIC ASPECTS OF GPCRs                           

                                                                            Chair: Patrick Giguère                                                                                        


        9:45             Andrew C. Kruse, Harvard University, USA

                                    “Mechanisms of angiotensin receptor activation”


       10:10            Nagarajan Vaidehi, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, USA

                                   “The Nexus of Sequence, Structure & Dynamics to understand the mechanism of GPCR coupling promiscuity”


       10:35            Scott ProsserUniversity of Toronto, Canada

                                    “Evaluating Allosteric Pathways in GPCRs – A Spectroscopic Study of the Adenosine A2A Receptor“


        11:00           Coffee Break            



                              SESSION 2: GPCR SIGNALING AND TRAFFICKING I                                        

                                                                            Chair: Terry Hébert                                                                                          


        11:15            Stephane Laporte, McGill University, Canada 

                                    “Functional selectivity profiling of GPCRs using BRET sensors and bioorthogonal labeling”                 


        11:40            Jean-Philippe PinUniv. Montpellier, CNRS, INSERM, France

                                    “Heterodimeric mGluRs, facts and reality”


        12:05            Graciela Piñeyro, Université de Montréal, Canada

                                    Ligand- and cell-specific signaling by GPCRs: Insights from cannabinoid ligands”


        12:30            Lunch - Les Quatre Canards and Bistro



                            SESSION 3: GPCR SIGNALING AND TRAFFICKING II                                          

                                                                             Chair: Manoj Puthenveedu                                                                               


        14:00            Michel Bouvier, Université de Montréal, Canada 

                                    “Illuminating GPCR signalling and trafficking by BRET; A 20 year perspective”


        14:25            Marc Caron, Duke University, USA

                                    “Leveraging bias signaling at the Neurotensin Receptor 1 to manage psychostimulant abuse”


        14:50            Heidi Hamm, Vanderbilt University, USA

                                    “GPCR and Gβγ mediated presynaptic inhibition through direct interaction with the SNARE complex“


        15:15            Coffee Break



                          SESSION 4: PHYSIOLOGY AND MODEL ORGANISMS                                           

                                                                            Chair: Louis Gendron                                                                                        


        15:30           Paul Albert, University of Ottawa, Canada

                                   “The 5-HT1A autoreceptor: a double-edged regulator of serotonin activity and response to antidepressants”


        15:55           Brigitte Kieffer, Douglas Hospital Research Center, Canada

                                   Neural GPCRs and brain connectivity”


        16:20           Stefano Marullo, Institut Cochin, France

                                   “A pathogen uncovers a new mechanism of β2-adrenergic receptor activation”


        16:45           Coffee Break             


        17:00           Poster Session #2 (even numbered posters)

                            Room: Salon Knowlton & Nouvelle Angleterre


        19:30          Dinner and Music (Trio Jazz)Grands Salons ABC


        21:30          Board Meeting (to discuss next retreat) –All PI’s are welcome to participate



                                             SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28th                                             

         6:30               Breakfast- Les Quatre Canards 


                                                  SESSION 5: DRUG DISCOVERY                                                        

                                                                                  Chair: Eric Marsault                                                                                      


        8:30          Brian K. ShoichetUniversity of California, San Francisco, USA 

                               "Ultra-Large Library Docking for New Chemotypes with New Pharmacology"


        8:55          Craig W. Lindsley, Vanderbilt University, USA

                               “From M4 PAMs to mGlu1 PAMs – New Targets for Schizophrenia”


        9:20          Brian Arey, Bristol Myers Squibb

                               “Identification of a Class A GPCR Modulating Flow-induced Signaling Pathways in Endothelial Cells”


        9:45          Coffee Break



                                SESSION 6: NON-CONVENTIONAL ASPECTS OF GPCRs                                

                                                                                  Chair: Audrey Claing                                                                               


        10:15          Stéphane Angers, University of Toronto, Canada

                                  “Targeting Wnt signaling in cancer and tissue regeneration”


        10:40          Greg Tall, University of Michigan, USA

                                  “GPR56 is a shear force sensor”


        11:05          Madan Babu, Cambridge, UK

                                 “Understanding variation in the GPCR signaling system”


        11:30          HUBERT VAN TOL CONFERENCE

                              Chair: Michel Bouvier


                           Brian K. Kobilka, Stanford University School of Medicine,USA

           Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2012 for studies of GPCRs

            "Structural insights into the dynamic process of GPCR signaling"


        12:30          Closing Remarks


        12:45          Lunch and Farewell – BBQ on the Terrasse