Visit the Outreach station at the 2019 MSC-MSC Annual Meeting in Vancouver! 


For Teacher and School:

  • The Microscope Activity Stations will allow teachers to embark on an exciting journey with their students (Kindergarden to Grade 12) through the surprising microscopic world. Based on the GEMS Microscope Explorations book, these stations can be taken to your schools! For more information, come and meet us!


For Parents and Public:

  • How to make your smart phone into a microscope.


  • Make a LEGO microscope to use with your smart phone.


  • Elaine Humphrey has been putting together some Microscopy Activity Kits adapted for different age groups (From 6 to 106 years). Come and try many different microscopes suitable for home or school and determine which ones you like best. You can bring your own samples taken from your blooming garden, your favorite pet fur or your own mouth cells!!


  • Network ideas with delegates who also can’t wait to do Outreach.


Have fun on our stations and have a chance to win TWO door prizes EVERY DAY: an ECHO wooden microscope or a Foldscope (both work with a smart phone.)


Stations will be opened in the afternoons of May 22nd, and May 23rd, 2019



Elaine Humphrey, PhD

2018 MSA Award Fellow

UVic's Advanced Microscopy Facility Manager


Chloe van Oostende-Triplet, PhD

UOttawa Cell Biology and Image Acquisition Facility Manager