39th Research Day of POES (Édouard-Samson Orthopedic Program) and Division of Orthopedic of the Université de Montréal followed by Clinical Case Presentation Day from the Division of Orthopedic of University of Montreal

We invite our residents to present the clinical or fundamental research projects they worked on during the year.

This year, we are happy to have Dr John Flynn of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as a guest speaker and as President of the jury. An award ceremony will be held during the Annual Orthopedic Division Cocktail on April 11th, 2019.


Download the Program and the abstract book here >>

POES Division Cocktail; Clinical & basic research prize awards on April 11th, 2019 (registration required)


Award ceremony for the best presentations.


             Best presentation, all categories: 1 000$

Impact exercise during adolescence improves bone microstructure and strength in growing rats

Tanvir Mustafy1,2, Irene Londono2, Florina Moldovan2,3, Isabelle Villemure1,2

1École Polytechnique de Montréal, 2CHU Sainte-Justine, 3Université de Montréal

             Best PODIUM presentation in fundamental research: 500$

Automated 3D spine reconstruction of scoliotic patients from bi-planar radiographs

Benjamin Aubert1,2, Carlos Vazquez1, Thierry Cresson1, Stefan Parent2, Jacques De Guise1,2

1CRCHUM,  École de Technologie Supérieure, 2CHU Sainte-Justine

             Best PODIUM presentation in clinical research: 500$

Enhanced recovery after short stay surgery hip and knee joint replacement

Karina Pellei1,2, Pascal-André Vendittoli1,2, François Desmeules2, Vincent Massé1, Martin Lavigne1, Louis-Philippe Fortier1,2

1Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, 2Université de Montréal

             Best FLASH presentation in fundamental research: 325$

Effect of disco-ligamentous injuries on stresses and strains in the spinal cord during post-traumatic flexion

Marie-Hélène Beauéjour1,2,3,4,5, Éric Wagnac1,2,3, Pierre-Jean Arnoux3,4,5, Jean-Marc Mac-Thiong2,3, Yvan Petit1,2,3

1École de technologie supérieure, 2Centre de recherche de l'Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal, 3iLab Spine, 4Aix-Marseille Université, 5Laboratoire de Biomécanique Appliquée - IFSTTAR

             Best FLASH presentation in clinical research: 325$

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) Patients: Interest and Perspective of Morphological Inner Ear Analysis Using high resolution Cone Beam CT Imaging

Annie-Pier Lavallée1,2, Florian Beguet1,2,4, Matthieu Schmittbuhl2,3, Florina Moldovan3, Stefan Parent3, Jacques de Guise1,2

1ÉTS, 2CRCHUM, 3Université de Montréal, 4Université d'Aix-Marseille

The prizes awarded during our research days will not be given until the research cycle has been completed. 50% of the amount will be awarded to the winner when he or she provides proof of submission for their article to a recognized scientific journal. The winner has two years to do this. The other 50% will be given when the article is published.


Prix du meilleur patron : Dr Constantin Stanciu

Finissant de l'année : Élianne Rioux-Trottier

Prix Julie : Julien Chapleau

Résident team player: Ex aequo Alexis Rousseau-Saine et Érik Therrien


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Registrations are free but mandatory and are done online, please click on the '' Registration '' tab in the menu at top of the screen.



The best option to get to CHU Sainte-Justine is by public transportation. The hospital is accessible by bus (129) or by metro (Université de Montréal metro station). A paying parking lot is also accessible via Chemin de la Côte Sainte-Catherine.


The following companies granted this activity for educational purpose:

Depuy Synthes, Medtronic, Striker and Zimmer Biomet inc.

April 11-12 2019

CHU Sainte-Justine | Amphithéâtre 250, block 11, level A
3175 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, Québec
Canada, H3T 1C5

January 25, 2019 12:00 EST to April 7, 2019 23:45 EDT
Basic research project
January 25, 2019 12:00 EST to March 10, 2019 23:45 EDT
Clinical research project
January 25, 2019 12:00 EST to March 10, 2019 23:45 EDT
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