Overview of the steps to configure submissions

Here are the steps you need to follow to setup submissions:

  1. Add questions in the submission form in addition to the default fields.
  2. Add the presentation types and their submission dates.
  3. Configure important submission options.
  4. Edit the confirmation email sent to authors who complete the form.

Where to setup submissions

This can all be done from the Submission section of the organizer panel:

  • Switch: change the visibility of the submission page. Hide it while you work on your form, then make it visible when everything is ready.
  • Form: add questions, presentation types and set submission dates.
  • Options: set important submission options.
  • Confirmation email: edit the email sent after a successful submission.

Submission flow

Authors can submit during the submission period. Submissions can open and close separately for different presentation types. When the form is completed, a confirmation email is sent.

As an organizer you will see every submitted abstract and their form data in the Data section of the organizer panel.

You can update your submission form (add or modify questions) at any time even when submissions have started.

Authors that submit for the first time on Fourwaves receive an email with a link to activate their account, allowing them to sign in and edit their abstract(s).

Edit the submission form

Predefined fields

In addition to the first name, last name and email, the submission form has predefined fields (marked with a lock). We highly recommend you use these fields as many features like publishing abstracts on your site, generating the abstract booklet or performing abstract reviewing online are tied to these fields.

The predefined fields are:

  • Abstract title
  • Authors and affiliations
  • Abstract body: the abstract text itself
  • Presentation types: e.g. Oral, Poster

Add additional questions

You can add any number of additional questions in the form just like you would do in the registration form. Please refer to this section for more information.

Edit presentation types and submission dates

The predefined field Presentation types is where you can add/edit presentation types. You can add as many as you need by drag and dropping a new type and naming it the way you want. You need a minimum of one for submissions to be activated.

For each type, choose the dates within which authors can submit.

Abstract length and other options

Go to the options tab to define important submission options, described below.

Mandatory registration

Select if you wish authors to register to the event before submitting. The email address is used to verify if a registration exists.

Multiple submissions per author

Select if you allow authors to submit more than one abstract.

Abstract body length and content

Choose the abstract text limit in words or caracters (enter 0 for no limit).

Choose if you allow authors to insert different elements in their abstract.

  • Bold, underline and italic text
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Math equations
  • Figures

Note that tables and lists do not export in the word booklet. Figures might required manuel formatting in the word booklet.

Edit the confirmation email

You can edit the confirmation email sent when the submission is completed. You can insert variables which are replaced by the value chosen by the author in the submission form. This allows for example, to provide a summary of the abstract with the title and ID.

Edit review criterias

If you have the module for abstract reviewing activated, you will be able to configure the review criterias and their options (Submissions -> Review criterias).

Review options

You can define the dates within which reviewers are allowed to edit their review form.

You can check Blind reviews, if you wish to hide the list of authors and their affiliations from reviewers.

Review criterias

There are two types of review criterias:

  • Score. The reviewer much choose a score from 1 to 5 for this criteria. We recommend at least 3 criterias of this type in the review form. This will allow different enough scores between abstracts.
  • Text answer. The reviewer will be able to write a text answer for this specific criteria.

Adding or editing a criteria

You can click to add a new criteria or edit an existing one. Specify the type of criteria, the criteria's name and a description that will tell reviewers more precisely what the criteria evaluates.

You can delete an existing criteria and reorder them to change the order in which they are displayed in the review form.