Overview of the steps to configure registrations

Here's an overview of the steps to setup registrations:

  1. Add your questions in the registration form.
  2. Add costs using multiple choice questions (optional).
  3. Determine the dates of the registration period and other options.
  4. Edit the confirmation email sent to participants when the registration is completed.

Where to setup registrations

This can all be done from the Registration section of the organizer panel:

  • Switch: change the visibility of the registration page. Hide it while you work on your form, then make it visible when everything is ready.
  • Form: where you can add/edit questions of the form.
  • Options: set registration dates, maximum number of participants and activate the waitlist.
  • Confirmation email: edit the email sent to the participant.

Registration flow

Participants can register during the registration period defined in Options. When the form is completed and payment is made (if necessary), a confirmation page is displayed and a confirmation email is sent with a receipt (if an online transaction has occurred) or an invoice for a payment by cheque.

You see in real time all registered participants, their form data and transactions in the Data section of the organizer panel. Refer to the Manage participants or Manage payments section to learn more about these sections.

You can add/edit questions of the registration form at any time, even when registrations have started. If you add new required fields or a cost to existing choices and there are already registered participants, participants who have new missing required fields will be highlighted in yellow and those with a missing payment will be highlighted in red in your data.

Participants who complete a form for the first time on Fourwaves receive an email with a link to activate their account, allowing them to edit their form and view their receipt/invoice.

Add and configure a questions

First name, last name and email are mandatory fields and can't be modified or deleted. There are 5 field types:

  1. Text input (check Paragrah text for multiple lines answer).
  2. Multiple choice. A single answer can be selected. Choose to display as a dropdown menu or radio buttons.
  3. Checkboxes.
  4. File uploads. Choose between 3 formats: PDF, Word or Image (png, gif or jpg).
  5. Text instructions. A string of text, for example to provide specific information in your form.

How to add a new question

Drag and drop a new element from the bottom section into your form at the desired position and double click the text to edit.

Add a text answer question

Drag and drop Text input from the bottom of the form to the desired position. Click Paragraph to allow multiple line answers.

Add a multiple choice question

Click and drag a Multiple choice or Checkboxes from the bottom. There are two choices by default, but you can drag to add as many as you need.

For Multiple Choice, you can choose to display as Radio buttons or as a dropdown list.

Define a cost to charge the participant for each option if it is selected (optional). See below for more information.

Options for questions and choices

Internal name

For each question and each choice (multiple choice and checkboxes), specify the internal name which is the short version of each question and each choice. It allows to display a shorter version of your questions and choices in different sections of the site.

For example, they display in your participant table and to identify items at the checkout page, on receipts and invoices instead of displaying the full text of questions or choices.

Required field

Specifies that a given question must be answered in order for the form to be valid and submitted.

Hide field

Hides a specific field from the registration form.

Display as (for multiple choice only)

Choose to render as a dropdown list or with radio buttons.

Show only if another option is selected

Checking this will show a dropdown menu where another choice of your form can be selected (from all multiple choice and checkboxes). This will make the question show only if this specific choice is selected by the participant.

In the example below, the question for allergies and dietary requirements will only show if the participant select Yes to the Banquet Question.


The amount to pay when the participant selects this choice. The sum of all costs of the choices selected by the participant will be the amount to pay to complete the registration. There is no additional tax added to this amount. Transaction fees charged to organizers are calculated from this sum.

See the article below for more information on adding costs.

Limit quantity

If you would like to limit the quantity available for a given item, enter the maximum number of items available. For example, if you have a question with a choice of workshops and there is a different maximum number of participants for each, enter the quantity available for each workshop.

How to add registration costs?

Insert a mutliple choice or checkbox question. Add the different choices needed. For each, enter the cost associated, which is the amount to be paid if this choice is selected.

You can choose to increase automatically this cost to a higher amount at a specific date and time.

You can add as many questions with costs as needed inside your form.

Edit registration dates and other options

You can select the maximum number or participants and if a waitlist is activated once the limit reached.

This allows participants to register using only their name and email. You can see those registered to the waitlist and accept them, which will send an email inviting them to complete the registration form.

You can choose the registration period start and end dates. This can be changed at any time to shorten or extend the deadline.

Edit the registration confirmation email

You can edit the confirmation email sent when the registration succeeds. You can insert variables which are replaced by the value chosen by the participant in the form.

This allows the participant, for example, to receive a summary of the registration choices.