Activate your account

You can activate your account for one of the reason below:

  • You want to manage an event you created.
  • You registered for an event and want to access your forms, invoices, receipts or see content for participants only (available for certain events).

When creating an event or submitting your first form on Fourwaves, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Click on the link and enter the requested information:

  1. Enter you first and last name
  2. Enter your new password twice
  3. Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

You can request this link again if you lost the first email.

  • Click Login
  • Enter the email address in New password

If your account was already activated (you entered a password once already) the link will allow you to edit your password.

Sign in to your account

Sign in to access your events, forms, invoices, receipts and content available to registered participants (for some events only).

  1. Click Sign in
  2. Enter the email address and your password
  3. Click on my events

Reset your password

If you forgot your password, request a link to reset it.

  1. Click Login
  2. Enter the email address of your account in New password
  3. Click on the link received by email that will prompt you to enter your new password

See the list of events you organize or attend

Sign in to Fourwaves with the account linked to your events. The email entered in the registration and submission form is used to reference your forms to your Fourwaves account.

Hover your name with the mouse on the top menu and click My events. You will see 3 different filters depending if you have events that correspond to them:

  1. Attending: the events to which you're registered.
  2. Organizing: all the events you organize whether they're published or not.
  3. Draft: the events you organize that are not yet published.