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Event website

Your event website is of paramount importance because it promotes your event, helps secure sponsors, keeps participants informed and collects important registration data.

With Fourwaves, you can publish a website where everything is centralized and focus on preparing a brilliant event.

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Go live quickly using our pre-built template and forms. Then update along the way.
Add your pages and customize their content with text, images, sponsor logos and files.
Upload your banner and colors to match your style.
Give access to your team so everyone can collaborate.
Make pages accessible to registered participants only.
Publish your website in multiple languages.
“3DSIG is the largest international gathering on structural computational biology with renowned speakers including Nobel prize winners. Organizing such a meeting was made considerably easier with Fourwaves. I can only praise Fourwaves for their professionalism in developing this turn-key solution for conference management that allows academics to focus on the science of the event. I definitely encourage you to use Fourwaves.”
Rafael Najmanovich, PhD
Associate Professor, Université de Montréal


Collecting registrations is an important part of your event planning. Forget external ticketing platforms made for rock concerts that undermine your credibility and force you to cut corners.

Instead, provide a real conference registration form adapted to your needs and stay professional.

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Add your questions: text answer, paragraph text, multiple choice, checkbox, file uploads and more.
Define the cost for any choice and increase automatically at a specific date.
Set the quantity for items that have limited availability.
Display questions and change fees based on previous answers.
Select the dates of your registration period.
Modify your form along the way and let participants login to update.
Set the maximum number of participants.
Activate waitlists if the participant limit is reached.
“I’ve been using Fourwaves for several years and I’m very satisfied. It greatly facilitates the registration process as well as the printing of badges and booklets. The team is very dynamic and technical support is always very fast.”
Annick Guyot, PhD
Research Associate, McGill University


Abstract submissions are at the core of current scientific events. They allow participants to present novel content and engage in valuable interactions.

Managing submissions without the right tools is a daunting task. Avoid the headaches and get everything working smoothly from submission to print.

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Customize our pre-built abstract submission form for a fast and easy setup.
Add your own presentation types and their submission dates.
Control the length of the submitted abstracts in words and characters.
Access all the submitted abstracts in real-time.
Invite reviewers that only have access to the submitted abstracts.
Change the status for each abstract to stay organized.
Notify authors by email easily.
Choose if and when abstracts are published online.
“It’s a wonderful tool, I don’t know how managed to do it all without it! Fourwaves decreased 85% of my stress for our events. I appreciate the availability and rapidness to answer our questions.”
Joanne Auclair
Administrative Agent, CRCHUM


Our secure and seamless payment solution lets your participants pay easily by credit card or cheque.

It offers the flexibility that more complex events need and provides you with peace of mind.

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Participants anywhere in the world can pay you by credit card or cheque.
Detailed invoices and receipts are sent automatically.
Online payments are deposited in your bank account at the chosen frequency.
Edit an invoice in case something changes along the way.
Skip payments for invited speakers and special attendees.
Track all items paid for each participant and access their receipt or invoice.
Download a full breakdown of your accounting data to Excel.
Make full or partial refunds to participants who cancelled.
“Fourwaves eliminates all irritants that any conference organizer will inevitably encounter, i.e. managing registration and payments, generating the final program and name tags, managing the event website, etc. This is such an essential platform!”
Nicolas Doucet, PhD
Principal Investigator, National Institute of Scientific Research INRS


Good communication with your attendees ensures everyone is up to date on your event when it matters.

Communicate easily with your participants directly from Fourwaves before, during and after the event.

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Personalize the confirmation emails sent automatically after registration and submission.
Email all participants for important event updates.
Filter your lists to email specific participants or authors.
Send abstract acceptance to authors with abstract title and ID.
Embed any form values to personalize each email.
Get emails in your inbox when participants reply to you.
“We often use Fourwaves for our events. In addition to the ease of use, it is well adapted, efficient and above all very reliable. Fourwaves is the perfect tool to save time and succeed in organizing our events.”
Pierre-Yves Savard, PhD
PROTEO Coordonator, Laval University

Name badges

Good name badges increase interactions between attendees, but are time-consuming to prepare and can be very stressful, especially two days before the event.

Create and download the perfect name badges ready to print in a few clicks.

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Get name tags ready to print on detachable paper.
Choose from multiple formats compatible with Avery products.
Customize the information to print for each attendee.
Design the style and the image to print.
“An easy to use platform that saved us valuable time with registration and printing the proceedings. The platform adapted well to the specific needs of our scientific event. Congratulations and thanks for the amazing work!”
Mylène Côté, PhD
Academic Coordinator, Pharmacology, Université de Sherbrooke


A digital or printed booklet allows participants to discover the schedule, abstracts, invited speakers and take notes during presentations. It is a wonderful tool to promote sponsors and exhibitors.

Create a Word document instantly with all the submitted abstracts to create the perfect event booklet easily.

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Filter and select your final list of abstracts to include in the booklet.
Eliminate time wasted on formatting: each abstract has the same format.
Predefined styles allow you to format each element of the booklet easily.
Add any section to your booklet: program, sponsors, exhibitors and create a PDF.
“I used the Fourwaves platform for the organization of our 1st workshop of the Canadian Society for Virology. I have been very impressed not only by the efficiency of the platform that meets the highest professional standards required for academic events organization, but also by the very personal service offered by the team. They are listening to every request to give you the best experience. I will undoubtedly use Fourwaves for our upcoming events.”
Nathalie Grandvaux, PhD
Professor Université de Montréal / CRCHUM and Cofounder of CSV

Knowledge hub

Participants that can access abstracts, presentations and other documents arrive more prepared and are more engaged during your event.

Increase the impact and success of your event by sharing abstracts and event related materials directly on your website.

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Share the event program, files and presentations in one place.
Publish abstracts automatically on your site.
Give access to your content before, during and after the event.
Share files and content to registered participants only.
“When organizing a conference, it can feel like there are one million and one things to keep track of, from managing conference registrations to keeping track of special diets, to controlling abstract submissions, to having a clean interface where you can promote your conference. Fourwaves provides an efficient platform where all of this can be taken care of in one place, with a user-friendly interface that anyone can quickly learn how to use. For us, it was a lifesaver, and with these aspects taken care of, it let us focus on all the other bigger issues involved in conference planning. Now I can’t imagine organizing a conference without it!”
Lynn Kamerlin, PhD
Professor and Principal Investigator, Uppsala University

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