Manage your event efficiently.
Create your event
Launch it
Share the knowledge
Create your event

Info page

Edit the description, dates, location and add sponsors logos.

Registration form

Add custom questions and advanced payment options.

Abstract submission form

Add your questions, presentation types and set submission dates.

Organizing committee

Give access to your fellow organizers.

Collect payments

Collect payments in your bank account.

Preview everything

Preview and test your event before launch.
Streamline your tasks

Participant statistics

View and filter participants based on their registration form.

Organize abstracts

Change the abstract status and filter the list easily.

Communicate easily

Send emails to specific participants and abstract authors.

Name badges

Download name badges ready to print on detachable paper.

Event booklet

Download abstracts in Word format and create the event booklet.

Share the knowledge

Make the abstracts available online for everyone.
Meet Fourwaves
Powerful for organizers

Organizer panel

The command center is where you customize your event, access the data and perform tasks easily.


Everyone in your committee can have easy access to the panel and you can add reviewers that only have access to abstracts.

Edit info and forms

Enter a description, location, dates, contact info, upload shared files and add sponsor logos. Create the registration and abstract submission forms.

Collect payments easily

Connect your bank account to get the registration fees deposited directly. We use Stripe, it's simple and secure.

Preview and test

Preview and test your event: register and submit abstracts as if you were a participant and look how the data is compiled and the tasks you can do.

Next year, just duplicate

For next year's edition, you can duplicate your event in one click and be ready in no time.


Build easily

Drag-and-drop to reorder questions of your form: short or long text answers, multiple choice, file uploads and text instructions.


Make certain questions appear only if a specific answer of another is chosen.

Registration fees

Assign specific fees that participants can pay by credit card. Set payments that are mandatory upon registration.

Late fees

Set late fees to some items if necessary and choose the date and time at which these late fees apply.

Registration periods

Choose the date and time at which registrations will open and close. You can close or re-open registrations at any time.

Participant limit

Set a maximum number of participants. Once the limit is reached, people can still register, but will be told the're on a waiting list.

Edit your form anytime

Even if registrations started, edit your form, add new questions or change text, dates and other options.

Abstract submissions

Custom abstract form

In addition to abstract title, authors, affiliations and text, add custom questions to your submission form just like for the registration form.

Presentation types and sessions

Add presentation types (e.g. oral, poster) and sessions to which participants can submit their abstract.

Submission dates

Set the dates and times of the submission period for each presentation type and session.

Submission options

Set the maximum number of characters allowed in the abstracts and if participants can submit multiple abstracts.

Abstract authors and affiliations

During submission affiliations are assigned to each author and the presenting author can be selected allowing a uniform display in the booklet.

Handle your participants list efficiently

Filter your participants

How many are attending the keynote diner? What will they eat? How many have pending payments? Apply filters to easily to know the answer!

Send emails to your attendees

Select all attendees, only a few or those resulting from a filtering and send them emails.

Add participants manually

When added, an email notification is sent with a link to fill the forms. You can also immediately fill it for them.

Export list to Excel

Your data remains on Fourwaves even after the event, but you can export your participants data to Excel.

Name tags

Download name tags of your participants ready to print on detachable Avery paper.

Edit your data

Modify their registration and abstract forms at any time.

Sort by registration date

Sort your participants list by registration date.

Waiting list

See who's on the waiting list and put anyone of them on the registrant list in one click.

Void payments

Skip pending payments for some attendees or pay items for them.

Organize and review your abstracts

Add reviewers

You can add reviewers that will only have access to the abstracts.

Organize by status

Change the status of each abstract from pending to accepted or rejected for each presentation type and session they were submitted for.

Abstract IDs

Submitted abstracts are automatically assigned an ID which you can edit according to your needs.

Filter abstracts list

Filter the abstracts list based on their status or based on the answers of the custom questions of the submission form.

Send email to authors

Select all submitting authors, only a few or those corresponding to your own filters and send them an email.

Create an abstract booklet

Export abstracts to a Word document with uniform author-affiliation linking and underlined presenting author.

Abstract list

In the Word booklet, you will find a list of your abstract with their ID, title and presenting author only.

Publish abstracts

We encourage organizers to publish abstracts online as soon as they are submitted.
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A brief history of Fourwaves

It all started in 2012. The founders, back then PhD students in bioinformatics, were organizing a large scientific symposium. They realized the endeavor and the lack of online tools to help them.

They decided to develop their own solution for this single event. For fun. Other co-organizers loved it, participants too. Word-to-mouth led other event organizers to ask for the secret potion. Fourwaves was born.

The platform is now used in North America and Europe for small to large international events.

Proudly supported by

Fondation Montréal Inc.
Matthieu Chartier
Matthieu Chartier, PhD.
Cofounder, CEO
Francis Gaudreault
Francis Gaudreault, PhD.
Cofounder, CTO